Day 20 (Sahagun to Leon)

I got up pretty early in Sahagun. Maybe because I was claustrophobic, maybe because I just wanted to escape my cell. I met Diane early, and we went to the train station. While waiting, we met a German who was on his third Camino. He was also taking the train to Leon, however he was ending his Camino. He said that the Camino for him had lost its soul. This combined with Jerry’s words from Friday night (“the meseta is soul crushing”) rang true to me at the time. I was exhausted and needed to recoup.

We got to Leon in record time. The train station was across the river. We walked around a bit and then went to,the hotel to drop our large packs.


We went to the cathedral and took the tour. It was a beautiful in comparison to Burgos. Not as much gold and a lot of stained glass. We were lucky enough to pass a side chapel at mass time, so we stopped in. Even in this small chapel, with no more than one hundred in attendance, there were seven priests celebrating mass. I don’t know if I have ever been to any event in the U.S that had seven priests attending.


After mass I headed back to the hotel for a rest. I took a bath and a nap. Pure indulgence!

I had dinner with Diane in the old town and it started to rain as it was time to head back to the hotel (I almost typed ‘time to go home’. That’s how much I love this place ).

FitBit Stats:

Kilometers walked: 10.33
Steps taken: 14,077
Floors climbed: 0

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