Day 19(Terradillos de Templarios to Sahagún)

Since I had planned a short day of walking, I didn’t leave until 8:15. Today’s walk was to Sahagún, only 13km from Terradillos. It had a little bit more scenery than yesterday, rolling hills and a few towns. It was almost a stroll through the fields and then into town.

The town was having a fiesta (still trying to figure out the reason) and so all the rooms were booked. I went to one hotel and they said they had one small room for one person, but no others. Diane said that I should take it. She would look elsewhere. The receptionist worked a miracle and found her a room at another hotel.

I am in the smallest room I have ever seen. I can reach across the room and touch both walls. I think that there are jail cells larger than this. Not that I have experience in this topic. The cell in the Shawshank Redemption looks huge in comparison to my room tonight.


It’s only for one night, and then I am off to León tomorrow to stay at the Parador.


I spent the afternoon relaxing and exploring the town. No pilgrims meal for dinner, just croquettes, my first since coming to Spain. I must admit the croquettes in SF at Bask are better. Oh well, off to sleep early to catch the train first thing in the morning.

FitBit Stats:

Kilometers walked: 19.61
Steps taken: 26,714
Floors climbed: 36

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