Day 14(Burgos to Hornillos del Camino)

Even the guide book warns that this is the most boring part of the walk. Some guidebooks (not the one that I have) even suggest taking a bus from Burgos to Leon.
I know some people who have done/are doing just that. But I am re-learning a lesson from a a couple of weeks ago. It’s not the trail, it is the people that make the Camino.


Today, after getting lost leaving Burgos (yes, I stupidly followed some more Spaniards) I met up with Diane from San Clemente. I had met he briefly in Villamayor de Monjardin, but had not seen her since. We walked at the same pace, so we walked about 15 km together. We had a lot in common, and at the end of the day on a random subject, I found out that she had worked in the same hospital as my dad.

In the afternoon I went down to the tendia to sit in the sun. This is where I met Karin from Holland. She had started walking from her house. She said that she had already walked over 1700 km. She also said that two years ago, she was so sick that she could not even walk one kilometer. Now she intends to walk to Finisterre and then begin to walk back to her house. I asked her what she had been so sick with, and she said uterine cancer. They had taken everything out and even parts of her colon. She went through chemo and radiation. And she said she was walking the Camino because she could walk.
We didn’t talk too much more because two old Spanish ladies came and sat between us on the bench. They were complaining (I think) about their arthritis, but said they felt much better when they sat in the sun.

Had a pilgrim’s dinner with the other guests at the albergue, and a rough night’s sleep, because I was not feeling well.

There are not many pictures from today. But there were people that I was meant to meet.

Instead of pictures, here’s a song that I’ve been thinking about.

FitBit Stats:

Kilometers walked: 24.86
Steps taken: 33,874
Floors climbed: 37

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